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Art on the Walls Interview at Eleven Stanwix

How I got started painting, who and what has influenced me, and how I've been growing as artist.

I was born, raised, and love living in Pittsburgh, PA. After working in the corporate world for over 35 years as a web designer, technical writer, and software instructor, I decided that it was time for a life of less stress and more fun. I was fortunate to be able to take an early retirement and discovered a latent passion for painting. And it's fun!


Life never know what will come next. So, here I am, redefining myself as an artist. I believe that everyone should continue to grow and evolve throughout their lives. Therefore, most of my art is focused on things that grow and evolve--flowers, trees, and even cities--a small nod to my Pittsburgh roots.

With no training in art, my process is experimental. I break all the rules because I don’t know them. Acrylics and oils—yes. Spray enamel, foam brushes, and found objects—why not? What I do know is that all things have roots, roots provide nourishment, and painting nourishes the roots that support my growth in my art. 


ALLEGHENY ARTS REVIVAL GRANT (September 2022 - August 2023)

One of 20 individual artists out of 204 applicants who received this award through the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. Funds for this grant program were provided by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

Invited to join artist residency program which provided an opportunity to live and work outside of my usual environment with time to reflect, research, and produce work that was outside the boundaries of my current practice. My goal was to incorporate a method of communication that is often overlooked--sign language--into my paintings. Guests at Nemacolin were invited to engage with artists and to observe techniques and process.

Showcased by Pittsburgh Beautiful as one of five artists (out of 350) to visit during the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival on June 9, 2019.

From over 70 applicants, I was awarded one of eight Emerging Artist Scholarships to participate in the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival Artist Market. The Emerging Artist Scholarship Program offers individuals with little to no experience exhibiting in festivals the opportunity to take an important first step towards a future in fine art and craft shows. 


ASSOCIATED ARTISTS OF PITTSBURGH (AAP), the oldest, continuously-exhibiting, visual arts organization in the country.

GREATER PITTSBURGH ARTS COUNCIL (GPAC), the leading voice for arts and culture across the Greater Pittsburgh region.

PITTSBURGH ARTIST REGISTRY, a portal for visual, literary, performing, and multi-disciplinary artists in southwestern PA to expand their audience and promote their work.

RADIANT HALL, an open studio model designed to engage members through artistic collaboration and shared knowledge and resources.

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