that's what inspires me when creating my art. I hope that you are inspired by what you see.

Things that live, grow, and evolve...

Current Events

JUL 30


OCT 31

Art on the Walls at 11 Stanwix

A featured visual artist for an exhibition program in the main lobby of 11 Stanwix in downtown Pittsburgh. The Art on the Walls program displays quality art by regional artists in office spaces and encourages patrons and corporations to purchase artwork for their collections.

To visit the lobby or purchase artwork, contact Kathy Mazur or Art on the Walls Clients Manager Erin O'Neill at

SEP 26


OCT 24

Roadkill Gallery

This unique mobile gallery reaches a more diverse audience outside the established gallery scene in Pittsburgh neighborhoods. purchase artwork for their collections. Thank you, Roadkill Gallery for accepting me for your Mini Virtual Tour!


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