Prints are available of some of my work. Please contact me for information.

Commissioned Art

If you see something that you like in my portfolio or would like to discuss ideas about creating artwork in my style using colors that suit your decor, please contact me

Things that live, grow, and evolve...

That's what inspires me when creating my art.

I hope that you are inspired by what you see in my site. Thank you for visiting! I hope that you enjoy my work.

Kathy Mazur

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Upcoming Events

Mt. Lebanon Artists' Market

September 21 and 22
This two-day, fine-arts fair will once again make Mt. Lebanon a focal point of the Pittsburgh art world. And

I am, once again, so very happy to participate!

Many Thanks!

Many thanks to the following establishments for supporting this artist. It is very much appreciated!​

Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival
My days at the Three Rivers Arts Festival are over for this year and I had the time of my life meeting new people and seeing family and old friends. The event continues until Sunday, June 16, so there's still time to enjoy great art and music!


To Whom It May Concern, a CBS pilot, is a comedy set in Pittsburgh (Lawrenceville) but filmed in Los Angeles that "centers on Evan who sets out with his group of 20-something friends to accomplish a list of challenges he wrote for himself years ago in an effort to turn around his banal life." Their set decorator purchased one painting and three prints, all Pittsburgh-themed, to use in the show.

To you!

Thanks to everyone who visited my booth at arts festivals in 2017 through 2019, or who support me by visiting this website or my Facebook page